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2020 Kung Lee College Alumni IMC Member Election Results

The 2020 Kung Lee College alumni IMC member election period has ended on 2020-06-20 at 1800 hours.  Mr. LEUNG Tung-choi has been elected as the alumni member of the Incorporated Management Committee for 2020-2022.

For enquires, please directly contact the Alumni Association through the Facebook page.


2020 Kung Lee College Alumni IMC Member Election

The nomination period for the 2020 Kung Lee College alumni IMC member nomination period has ended on 2020-04-30.  Only one nomination has been received, so the election will only have one candidate.  In order to minimise social gatherings during the pandemic, no meeting will be held for this election.  Instead, alumni are asked to come to Kung Lee College in person and contact Mr. WONG Po-hung or Mr. LEUNG Wai-hon to obtain election forms and cast their votes.  The election period will be from 2020-06-08 to 1800 hours on 2020-06-20.  Votes will be tallied immediately at the end of the election period.  An online livestream of the vote tallying process will be broadcast.  For enquires, please directly contact the Alumni Association through the Facebook page.


Self-introduction of the sole candidate, Mr. LEUNG Tung-choi未提供相片說明。

I am LEUNG Tung-choi.  I graduated from Kung Lee College in 1984.  A while ago, I stumbled across the annual gathering event held by the Alumni Association on the College's Facebook page, and I have been a part of the Alumni Association since then.  From 2009, I became an executive committee member of the Alumni Association, during which I had the fortune of working with alumni from various fields and of various ages.  From 2014 to 2018, I held the post of Chairman of the Alumni Association, during which the Association successfully held celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Kung Lee College in 2017.

Besides, I am also a parent, having been an executive committee member of the St. Francis of Assisi's English Primary School Parent-Teacher Association for six years (two years as a committee member, two years as vice-chairman, and two years as chairman).  I have also been an executive committee member of the Our Lady of the Rosary College Parent-Teacher Association for six years.  While in these posts, I was able to work closely with teachers, principals and the youth, through which I was able to deepen my understanding of the thoughts and interests of the younger generations.  Recently, I have received news that Kung Lee College has been seeking for a new alumni member of the IMC.  I hope to use my experience and knowledge to serve my alma mater once again.  Thank you!



Kung Lee College Alumni IMC Member Nomination

To all Kung Lee Alumni:

Would you like to continue participating in the College's administration after graduation?  Would you like to leave a legacy in this College?  Here is your chance!  The biennial Kung Lee College Alumni IMC Member will be held soon.  According to the constitution of the Kung Lee College Incorporated Management Committee, the Alumni Association can nominate an elected alumnus to join the IMC, with a term length of two years.  Members of the Alumni Association may download a nomination form or apply to become a candidate here (https://drive.google.com/…/1X-ubSD6FsOzT1Vq2B5os4hRoL…/view…).

Nominators must submit the completed forms by post or in person to Kung Lee College.  The nomination form must be signed by both the nominator and the nominee to be valid.  Each nominee must provide a brief personal description to the executive committee of the Alumni Association.  The nomination period has already begun and will end on 2020-04-30.

The election will be held on 2020-06-20.  Information about valid candidates will be uploaded to the Alumni Association website by early May.

Besides, the condition of the Alumni Association's noticeboard outside the College's main hall is gradually deteriorating.  The executive committee has decided that it should be changed and maintained.  An invitation is now being extended to all alumni to submit new designs for the noticeboard.  The noticeboard is 476cm long and 116cm tall.  Please direct message your designs to the Alumni Association's Facebook page in .pdf or .jpeg formats.  The deadline for submission will be 2020-04-30.  The executive committee will vote for the final design.

We hope everyone will participate in the above events enthusiastically!



To all Kung Lee Alumni:

Due to the current social conditions, upon careful evaluation of traffic conditions and participants' safety, the executive committee of the Alumni Association has decided to postpone the Annual Dinner, which was originally planned for 2019-12-14.  Alumni will be notified in due course about refunds.


2022/2023 Academic Year
Executive Committee Members


Mr. YUNG Chun-hoi, Andy

Vice Chairman:



Ms. AU Kwok-ling


Mr. FU Pak-wing, Adrian

Facebook Management and General Affairs:

Mr. WONG Hing-lun

College Staff Member:

Mr. LAU Kin Man (Coordinator)

Adviser: Mr. LEUNG Tung-choi

Alumni Association Scholarships

The Alumni Association has set up scholarships for deserving students.  Details are as follows:


Selection Criteria


Amount (per awardee)

Best leadership ability award

Best in leadership ability (SS3)

Two students


Most talented award

Most talented student (SS3)

Two students



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