Parent-Teacher Association


Sharing by the Parent Members of the Incorporated Management Committee

Ms. TSANG Hung (Parent Member of the IMC)

Hello everyone, I am the chairman of this year’s Parent-Teacher Association.  It is a pleasure to meet and serve you all!

Sending our children to study at Kung Lee College has undoubtedly been a decision made with a sense of helplessness and sadness.  Personally, I sent my child to study here under unwilling circumstances.

However, in the year since my child returned to school, under the care and kindness offered by the school, teachers and social workers, he has gradually changed for the better and found a path and goal for his life.  It was as if a burden has been lifted from my heart.  At the same time, I understood what is meant by the saying “all roads lead to Rome”.

Even though our children have many different problems and disadvantages, Kung Lee College has still been willing to accept them, with the School Sponsoring Body supporting their education, and the Principal and teachers caring for them.  As parents, should we not also use our spare time and abilities to work together with the College and do something for our children?

I hope I can work together with all parents and teachers in the coming days, and strive together for the healthy growth of our children in the Kung Lee family!


Thank you all!


Ms. KO Ying-chi (Alternative Parent Member of the IMC)

Hello everyone, I am KO Ying-chi, parent of Form 6 student YU Ming-chun.  I would like to express my gratitude towards all parent executive committee members who have contributed selflessly throughout my two years in the Parent-Teacher Association.  Their efforts in cooperation with the Principal and teachers have led to the successful organisation of various internal and external events held by the PTA.

At the beginning of the new academic year, I hope our new parent executive committee members can continue working in partnership with teachers, so that the students of Kung Lee can grow in all facets of whole-person development.  I wish everyone good health and good life!


2021/2022 Academic Year Parent-Teacher Association
Executive Committee

Teacher Members:

Parent Members:

Ms. YUEN Oi-hing (Principal and Adviser)

Ms. TSANG Hung (Chairperson)

Mr. LO Man-chiu (Treasurer)

Ms. Wong Sau Wan (Vice-Chairperson)

Tam Kam Ying, Susanne (Secretary)

Ms. Nip Yan  Juan (Treasurer)

Mr. Chiu Yuk Fan, Spencer (Recreation)


2020/2021 Academic Year Parent-Teacher Association
Executive Committee

Parent Members: Ms. TSANG Hung (Chairperson)
Ms. KO Ying-chi (Treasurer)
Ms. WONG Ha (Secretary)
Ms. WONG Say-wan (Recreation)
Teacher Members: Ms. YUEN Oi-hing (Principal and Adviser)
Mr. WONG Po-hung (Chaplain and Vice Chairperson)
Mr. LO Man-chiu (Treasurer)
Mr. CHAU Chun-yam (Secretary)



Parent-Teacher Association Scholarships

The Parent-Teacher Association has set up scholarships for deserving students.  Details are as follows:


Selection Criteria


Amount (per awardee)

Most Improved Award (Conduct)

The student has shown marked improvement in:

  • Learning attitude
  • Attitude towards teachers
  • Attitude towards peers
  • Care for the environment

10 students (5 classes)


8 students (4 classes)

Professional Examinations Fee Subsidy Scheme

Subsidise students taking part in professional language examinations (e.g. National Mandarin Ability Test, IELTS English Language Test)

No limit


(Highest amount)

Parent-Teacher Association Sports and Arts Professional Examinations Subsidy Scheme

Subsidise students taking part in professional sports or music examinations (e.g. ABRSM Professional Examinations, Sports Coaching Qualification Examinations)

No limit


(Highest amount)



Past Activities