Sharing by Ms. Chui Lok Yin, Charlotte 2018

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme

Year 2 Student

I decided to transfer from a mainstream secondary school to Kung Lee College's Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme because students in the Diploma Programme do not need to take public examinations, but could also meet the entrance requirements for my dream of going to university in Canada.

Besides, I think public examinations emphasise rote learning and examination techniques, with a lack of practical skills, which means that students may not have enough skills to deal with their work in the future.  I hope to learn useful knowledge that will become a good basis for my career development in the future.

During the second term of the Diploma Programme, I decided to complete my work placement at the banquet department of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  During the placement, I was thrilled to meet many different types of guests, and their satisfaction with my service brought me a great sense of success.  My work placement gave me many insights into the industry, and deepened the impression that classroom and textbook knowledge had in my mind.  After the work placement, I felt that both my abilities and interests fit very well in this industry.  This gave me a direction for my future career development.

After graduating from Kung Lee, I hope to pursue higher education in Canada and study a subject related to tourism.

My good English ability (I recently scored 7.0 in IELTS), communication skills and quick-thinking skills, in addition to my experience in Kung Lee's Diploma Programme, has given me confidence that I can complete university in Canada.  After finishing university, I hope to start my own company, so I can offer excellent services to society.