CCCKLC is situated in the Mid-Levels of Causeway Bay.  The College's building is eight stories tall, with 27 classrooms, and 19 special rooms which provide students with excellent facilities for a variety of activities.  The whole campus is set up with air conditioning, an IT network equipped with computers, projectors and other digital equipment. 

Our special rooms include:

  • Main Hall
  • Training Kitchen
  • Mock Restaurant
  • Mock Hotel Room
  • Food Science and Technology Laboratory
  • Mock Business Centre
  • Fashion Design and Textiles Room
  • Design and Applied Technology Room
  • Art Gallery
  • School History Corridor
  • Multimedia Learning Centre
  • Campus TV Studio
  • Student Support Centre
  • Library
  • Visual Arts Room
  • E-Sports Room
  • Band Room
  • Civic Education Exhibition Centre
  • Worship Centre and Mini Concert Hall


Mock Hotel Room
Multimedia Learning Centre
Visual Arts Room
Fashion Room
Mock Restaurant
Training Kitchen
Design and Applied Technology Room
Band Room
Outdoor Playground
Worship Centre and Mini Concert Hall
Relaxation Zone
Self-Study Room
Main Hall