Our Faith and Mission


School History

Previously founded as a school that offered secondary education from Secondary 1 to Secondary 6, the present-day CCC Kung Lee College was established in September 2003, with a focus on senior secondary education only.  Since then, the College has upheld the motto of “Discern the truth, act in justice” in nurturing students and in delivering our multi-faceted curriculum, which aims to adopt a flexible and balanced approach to both academic and experiential learning.



Our mission is to nurture students so that they are ready for college and ready for life, in accordance with our slogan, “College Ready, Life Ready”.  To achieve this mission, we aim to:

  1. Provide a challenging yet caring learning environment for all students by teaching all students regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, teaching each student in accordance with their aptitude, and discovering unique talents in each student;
  2. Imbue students with Christian values, through which they develop social and self-actualisation skills, preparing them for the challenges of life;
  3. Increase awareness of and promote care towards society;
  4. Promote lifelong learning;
  5. Prepare students for the challenges of life in the 21st century; and
  6. Nurture students to become confident, moral and responsible young men and women.


Our Beliefs:

  1. The youth need the Word of God as their guide to life.
  2. Life-on-life education can help students grow.
  3. Every student is precious.
  4. Every student is teachable and precious.
  5. Every student holds God-given talents that can be further nurtured through student-centred education.

Through the multi-faceted and authentic approach of experiential learning, in addition to other learning experiences, we promote student development in the moral, academic, physical, social, aesthetic, and spiritual spheres, with a goal of whole-person development.


A Caring Learning Environment:

As a Christian school, we emphasise the importance of every individual, that every person is valuable and should be treated with dignity.  Thus, we teach all students regardless of abilities or backgrounds by providing them with a caring learning environment in which they can build confidence and become mature.  An integral part of this caring learning environment is our professional team of staff members, including our chaplain, social workers, student development counsellors, careers and further studies counsellors, and all of our teachers.