Library Information

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

0840-1715 hours


0900-1200 hours

Sundays and Public Holidays



Borrowing Rights:



Borrowing period

Number of items

Renewal limit

Fine for late return


Books, CDs, magazines

14 days



Per item per day

$ 1.00


Library Rules and Regulations

  1. The books, newspapers, magazines, CDs etc. in the Library are property of the CCC Kung Lee College, and are only allowed for reference by teachers and students of the College.
  2. Students must wear proper school uniform when entering the library.
  3. Students must not take any bags into the library.  All bags must be left in the designated area.  Students should be responsible for valuables.  The library does not bear any responsibility for losses.
  4. Students must keep the library quiet and clean, and should cooperate with library staff.
  5. No eating, loud talking, running or playing is allowed in the library.
  6. Mobile phones should not be used in the library.
  7. Library property should be handled with care.  Users will have to pay for any damaged or lost property.
  8. Students must not move any facilities (e.g. chairs or tables), switch on or off any electrical switches, or open or close any windows without the permission of library staff.
  9. Books should be placed on book carts after reading.
  10. It is an act of theft to take away any library property without going through the proper borrowing procedure.
  11. Users of library computers should follow the rules and regulations for using library computers.

Rules and Regulations for Using Library Computers

  1. Library computers are allocated for students' use on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. Library computers are only for learning or completing coursework.  Students must not browse or print any material that is not related to the above.
  3. Users should use computer equipment with care.  Users may not delete or alter any preset software or programmes.  If any deliberate damage is discovered, users must pay for any damages caused.
  4. Users must not talk loudly.
  5. Library staff reserve the right to the use of library computers.