English Language


Our Vision

Apart from serving as a communication tool, learning English enables students to gain exposure to a world of knowledge, skills and important values shared across cultures. It is our belief that the curriculum should equip students with skills which prepare them for the future, as well as motivate them to learn English.

To achieve these goals, we design our school-based curriculum with respect to our students’ needs while balancing between breadth and depth in language learning, in the hope of stimulating students’ learning interests and broadening their perspectives. In addition, we incorporate elements of vocational English in our curriculum so as to create an authentic and generic learning experience for our students.

Our Strategies

  • Setting specific and manageable curriculum goals to facilitate learning
  • Maintaining gradual progression and continuity in the development of language skills
  • Establishing rapport between teachers and students to create a positive learning community
  • Recognizing students’ individual needs and taking into account their life experience and diverse background
  • Adopting various tools and strategies, such as e-learning tools and graded learning tasks, to cater for diverse learning needs
  • Promoting the development of generic skills, including learning-to-learn, collaboration and problem-solving skills
  • Encouraging learner autonomy through process learning tasks, peer and self-assessment
  • Building a professional teaching team through collaborative lesson planning, peer lesson observations and evaluations, and offering continuous professional development in collaboration with the Education Bureau and tertiary institutions


Our students regularly participate in a variety of learning activities