Fund-Raising Scheme


Aim of Fund-Raising

The College is a DSS senior secondary school mainly targeted at serving students of diverse backgrounds and learning abilities through a dual-track education system for diverse pathways.  After more than 50 years of witnessing generations of Kung Lee students grow and mature, the College’s campus is displaying signs of wear and tear.  Expenses for emergency repairs, regular repairs, maintenance and future development are now very costly.


Use of Funds

The College will use the raised funds to continue developing our unique programmes and improve school facilities, so that students can study effectively in a comfortable and beautiful environment.

The College will also use the funds to establish scholarships, pay for student activities and learning support schemes, so that students who excel are recognised, and those who have financial needs are supported.

Lastly, the funds will be used to further the College’s mission and provide for future developments.


Fund-Raising Projects

  1. School Facilities – To enhance learning effectiveness
  2. Scholarships – To encourage talented or gifted students
  • Indoor Sports Ground


  • Baking Workshop and Specialised Kitchen Facilities


  • Tourism and Hospitality Studies Room and Front Office Services Learning Facilties


  • Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit Fund


  • Student Development Fund



Fund-raising target: $2,600,000