Tourism and Hospitality


Tourism and Hospitality Studies (THS) is an elective subject in the domain of Personal, Social & Humanities Education.

This subject aims to develop students’ knowledge of the market for tourism and hospitality, including concepts and theories about hotel and restaurant management, tourism theories, customer service, market trends, expo tourism, geography, tourist destination research, and ethical issues.  This subject also provides students with practical opportunities to experience work in related careers.

THS is an examinable subject in the HKDSE, with a heavy emphasis on conceptual and theoretical knowledge.  In examinations, analytical questions are emphasised, giving an advantage to students with good analytical and language skills.

In order to increase students’ learning motivation, the course is designed to combine practical content with the use of the College’s unique educational facilities to implement experiential learning.  For example, the mock hotel room and restaurant are used for practical training in hospitality and restaurant studies.  Through such practical training, students can combine their academic knowledge with practical skills relevant to their daily lives, increasing their interest in learning.

In addition, market professionals have been invited as guest speakers in the THS course, giving students an opportunity to communicate directly with these professionals to ask about further studies or careers.  Through this course, students can develop an understanding of issues related to tourism and hospitality, nurture an interest towards these fields, and explore career options for their future lives.


Visit to a Spanish restaurant   Visit to Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island
Visit to Cathay Pacific City   Field trip to Tai O


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