Taiwan Further Studies Exchange Tour


A further studies exchange trip to Taiwan was held from 2019-12-04 to 2019-12-07.  Students were given the opportunity to visit Taiwanese higher education institutions to find out more about studying there.  Students visited universities in Taipei, such as: Hungkuo Delin University of Technology, Vanung University, and Chung Yuan Christian University.  Our students were left in awe as they participated in the eye-opening experiences provided by the specialised facilities of different university faculties.

Apart from visiting the universities, our students also experienced local culture.  They visited an indigo dyeing workshop, the Fire Safety Museum of Taipei City Fire Department, and the night markets of Taipei.  Students gained a lot of valuable knowledge from their experience, which will certainly help them as they explore options for further studies.


*Due to the pandemic situation, the Taiwanese exchange tour was not held during the 2021-2022 academic year.