Donation Methods


Donation Methods

Donations are welcome through the following methods:

  • By cheque:

A crossed cheque made payable to “The IMC of CCC Kung Lee College” may be mailed along with a completed donation form to CCC Kung Lee College, 17 Tai Hang Drive, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

The cheque and donation form may also be delivered in person to our College (opening hours: Monday to Friday 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs; Saturday 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs).


  • By bank transfer:

Donations may be directly transferred to the bank account of the IMC of CCC Kung Lee College at a bank branch or through an ATM.

 Bank Account Number
 HSBC 808-364988-004

Please complete the online donation form and upload the receipt for confirmation.



  • Donations above HKD 100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong.
  • Personal information will only be used in the processing of donations and in issuing receipts.