Sharing by Mr. Chim Kam Shing 2016

Jim came to Kung Lee College as a Form 4 student.  He said he transferred because his academic results were poor at his previous school.  Knowing that Kung Lee offers a Tourism and Hospitality programme, Jim decided to transfer to Kung Lee to pursue his interests.

Jim's Form 4 class teacher describes Jim as a good-natured, optimistic, extroverted student who is popular among his classmates.  Although he struggles with academic subjects such as languages and mathematics, he excels in applied learning, which he is very interested in.  In the Hong Kong education system, many schools push students to get high scores in the four core subjects, with little emphasis on applied learning.  Luckily for Jim, Kung Lee provides a multitude of applied learning courses for him to choose, so that he can develop his potential.

Upon finishing Form 4, Jim chose to continue his studies at Kung Lee by pursuing a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management under the HKCAAVQ recognised VET programme.  Through this programme, he was able to demonstrate good ability in the study of Western cuisine, building up his self-confidence which was frequently hindered in the past because of his poor academic performance.

During his final year at Kung Lee College, Jim was sent to a hotel for a two-month long work placement, where he received unanimous praise from his supervisors.  His Western cuisine teacher even recommended him to work at the Disneyland Resort after graduation.

"Right now, my position is the lowest kitchen assistant.  Around one year from now, I'll have the opportunity to become a novice chef.  Then I could continue moving upwards, even becoming a deputy head chef or head chef," said Jim with confidence.

When asked about why he did not choose to pursue higher education, Jim provided this analysis: "Firstly, I know that I am not university material, so I wouldn't get good results if I force myself to go to university.  Secondly, it is not easy to find employment in Hong Kong, especially meaningful employment, even after you graduate from university.  Thirdly, by my calculations, I could save at least $5000 with my current salary.  In a year, that would be $60,000.  With good investment practices, I could even make $1,000,000 in ten years!  Even if what I learn during these ten years will not allow me to become a head chef, at least I might get a chance to start something new in the restaurant business with my friends as business partners."

It is hard to believe that a person who just left secondary school could have such mature thoughts!  He already has a full life plan in his mind.  Who says that only people with good academic results could have a good future?